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We have a unique way of creating solutions

It’s not about adhesive tapes, it’s about taking our customers’ solutions to another level.

Unique solutions in 4 dimensions that are:

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We present you with the safest and most efficient adhesive solution on the market

In an industry that standardizes and offers quick solutions, promising expertise and knowledge

Technologic Tapes focuses on exclusivity. We know every adhesion problem or need has a solution.

So, we strive to find the safest and most efficient one.

Behind this goal there is a strong research and development team that marks our way of working.

We call it 4D


4 dimensions that help us achieve total security and reliability in all our applications

We do not underestimate any challenge.
As simple as it may seem, we understand what you are looking for.

Then we analyze it to find you a solution.


We evaluate surfaces, application temperatures, places of use, type of application, product requirements, size, shape... everything, we evaluate everything.
This way, we ensure each adhesive solution meets the adequate technical requirements for the application.


At the Drew-Lab, our research and development laboratory, we analyze adhesion, thickness, test rolling ball, density, cohesion, strength, elongation, aging, breakage, support, elongation... we analyze it all.
To confirm with concrete evidence that our proposed solution fulfills 100% of the application functions required from the adhesive tape.


Improve performance of your application with the evaluation of several concepts: efficiency, productivity, cost reduction, profitability and automation... to make your solution more efficient.
So that each application has a truly unique and distinctive value proposition.


We anticipate for you. We are a strategic partner that understands the impact of the solution on your project. When you need more than a tape converter, Technologic Tapes is your partner. Whether it be to take care of stock, consumption control, solve material shortages, costs... everything, we anticipate everything.
To meet our goal: minimize your worries.


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