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Adhesive tapes for
flexographic printing

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Technologic Tapes, products and solutions for flexographic printing

You take your flexographic printing to the next level. We work closely with you to help you do so.

If you are looking for a specialist in the flexographic industry, at Technologic Tapes we offer our clients free technical advice and double-sided foam adhesive tapes for plates, as well as all the necessary accessories to get a high-quality print.

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The Exafit range

At Technologic Tapes we offer flexographic printers one of the best products on the market, manufactured by our partner Scapa and registered under the EXAFIT brand.

If you are a printer in the search for:
· An exceptional calibration and regularity of the foam that ensures optimal tolerance to achieve a high QUALITY print to have a product of great value.

· To print at high SPEED without losing print quality.

· A foam with excellent CUSHIONING, making all the elements of the printer work at maximum performance.

· An adhesive that leaves NO RESIDUE when removed after printing.

We have a solution for you!

Flexographic printing for your company

We work both broadband and narrowband, adhesive tapes for flexographic printing and of course, accessories and laminates so that your company stands out within the sector.

Flexographic Products

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