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If your company isn’t standard,
your adhesive tape shouldn’t be either.

You shouldn’t adapt your projects to a standard tape, but rather those should adapt to you. We know that. That is why we offer you our custom-made adhesive tapes conversion service.

We work with the material and knowledge necessary to transform adhesive tapes and other products without having to adapt to standard market measurements. Do you need a budget?


This is how we work at Technologic Tapes

You got this far? Good! Discover now all the solutions we can offer you.

  • Die-cutting (flat bed, rotary and laser), guillotining and digital cutting.
  • Lamination of adhesives.
  • Rewind of long-film adhesive tapes (Spools).
  • Custom-made cuts that adapt to the width you really need.
  • We are involved from the initial phases of the production process to the final ones.
  • You will get personalized presentations based on your requests.
  • All types of personalized packaging available: shrink-wrap, sleeve, flow pack, bags, boxes, packs, cases, displays, envelopes and private labels on the axis.