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your duct tape

Do you want to develop a new product? Boost your brand with customization.

At Technologic Tapes we offer you endless options that adapt to your needs. We customize the adhesive tape and its packaging as much as you need. Take a look at our process.

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Step 1

Do you want to add your logo on the adhesive tape core?

Customization v.1

You have several options to customize the core of your adhesive tape. In this way, your brand will always be visible during its use.

Custom the core of your adhesive tape with your printed logo in one color.
2. Custom the core of your adhesive tape with your printed logo in two colors.
3. If you need another option do not hesitate to contact us.



A. Printed straight on the inside of the core.
B. Printed diagonally on the inside of the core.

Depending on the type and side of the logo, the latest option may make it easier to read.

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Step 2

Do you need a cardboard or plastic shaft?

Based on how you want its final presentation to be (blister, sleeve, shrink-wrapped or other), you can choose the material and diameter with which you want us to covert your adhesive tape.

A tip!

If you looking for a product for the industrial sector, you better use a larger shaft. In the event the product is a blister, we recommend the core is small so that it occupies less space on the shelf.

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Step 3

Do you need shrink-wrapped packaging?

To give your tape extra protection and keep it in perfect condition, you can choose from different shrink-wrapping options.

Single roll wrap (sleeve), where the core is open.
2. Individual shrink wrap, the packaging is closed inside the core.
3. Flat pack wrapping (customized quantity of rolls per pack).
4. Tower bundle wrapping (customized quantity of rolls per pack).

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Step 4

Do you need a label or case?

You can choose from different special packaging options. In case you choose a label on a roll, we can present it with or without shrink packaging. Any label is customized to your needs. Here are some options for where you can place them:

Barcode label printed in black and white.
2. Custom printed label on the side of the tape.
3. Custom circular label placed on top of the tape.
4. Custom semi-moon label placed on top of the tape.
5. Custom label wrapping the tape.
6. Custom printed open box with eurohole.
7. Custom printed box with eurohole.

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Step 5

Show your product without losing quality

If you want a packaging that allows you to expose the product while keeping it protected, we have several options for you:

High-frequency blisters.
2. Bubble pack
2.1. We own several casts, talk to us to find the one that best suits your needs.
3. Zip bags.
4. Envelopes.

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Step 6

What packaging best suits your needs? Do you want to design a custom label?

We offer you several options:
1. Brown box
2. White box

All our standard products are packaged in up to 60% recycled cardboard boxes for a more sustainable and economic shipment.

The design is a reflection of your business, create a professional label and make your product the center of attention.

You have three options:
1. Black and white label.
2. Color label.
3. Design your own box.

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