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Advantages of using tapes in the automotive industry

Adhesive tapes for automobiles

Weight reduction, noise elimination or speeding up the assembly
are just some of the improvements that adhesive tapes can bring to your production.

Many times a specific product is necessary together with a specific measure or shape.
At Technologic Tapes we know this and that is why we put all
our resources at your disposal for you to get the solution you need.  

fijación y unión

Fixation and bonding

Adhesiva tape: an efficient and more profitable alternative to more traditional methods. At both high and low temperatures, it joins gaskets, body panels and fixes decorative elements.



The protection of vehicles is not only essential in their transport to the dealership, but also during the assembly process. From protective tapes and films for automotive applications to complex laminates and die-cutting adhesives, at Technologic Tapes we have what you are looking for.

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