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At Technologic Tapes we build with you

Adhesive tapes for construction

Adhesive tapes have a wide range of applications in construction: from the assembly of exhibitors to the sealing of all types of joints and panels.

The opportunities are endless, this is why we convert the adhesive tape you need to the measure you desire.

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At Technologic Tapes we convert adhesive tapes to the size you need, regardless of shape or material. We study your project with you to offer the most suitable product.

Take advantage of the flexibility, speed of response and technical solutions we offer you.

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Can you imagine having a range of adhesive tapes with all personalized packaging with your company’s brand? It would be an excellent branding tool. They can be double-sided adhesive foams, self-vulcanizing tapes, aluminium tape or any other technical adhesive you require. At Technologic Tapes we make it possible.

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