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Renewable energy

At Technologic Tapes we know that
performance is key to guarantee efficiency

Tapes for renewable energy

Adhesive tapes have played a fundamental role in the development of renewable energy.

Keep browsing and you will find adhesive solutions for the preparation, assembly and finishing of all the necessary components to create wind blades and solar panels.


Solar Energy

At Technologic Tapes we have application engineers with more than 35 years of experience who will work with you to find the ideal product.

We can offer you adhesive solutions to suit your application: from adhesive tapes for large solar panels to flexible installations for curved surfaces.

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Wind Power

En Technologic Tapes disponemos de cintas adhesivas resistentes a la abrasión, a los rayos UV, al agua y a temperaturas extremas.

In constant growth, wind energy is an alternative to more traditional sources. Given the characteristics of the places where it is obtained from, the adhesive tapes used must be of high performance.

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