Send me the materials, even if it’s Sunday

Do you work with a flexo printer to give the best service to your own customers?

Have you encountered any quality problems or with your current supplier?

Do you have any supply problems?

If you answered “yes” to any of these three questions, then pay close attention to what we have to tell you, we’re getting serious in this post!

There’s something vital for a company dedicated to flexography: you can’t run out of material and you can’t compromise the quality of your product.

As a specialist, you know that.

For this reason, here at Technologic Tapes we have a motto: we work 365 days a year IF our client needs it.

It is true that there have been few calls on a Sunday, but for the ones that have been, we can safely say that we have delivered.

That is what differentiates us and here we are to provide it.


Print quality and the flexographic industry have been going hand in hand for years. To this end, foam mounting adhesive tapes have helped printers and played a very important role.

Without a doubt, this quality is acquired exclusively by those who have a clear understanding of the benefits that foam adhesive tapes can bring, which is why its introduction as a standard for mounting plates has taken years.

Once established, it was one of the most influential factors in reducing spot growth.


Whether your company is small or large, we know that as a flexographic printer, foreman or factory manger, sometimes you find that the product you have purchased does not perform to standards or your supplier has supply problems.

This work is not exactly easy, it can be overwhelming and we understand you want the whole process to run smoothy. For everything to work, things have to be under control.

We can make it easier for you in an effective and quick way.

How? For now, presenting you the materials we have so that you can take it into account if you need them in the future:


At Technologic Tapes we offer you one of the best products on the market.

If you are a printer looking to:

  • · Achieve high QUALITY printing and to get a high value product.
  • · To print at high SPEED without losing print quality.
  • · A foam with excellent CUSHIONING, ensuring that all the elements of the printer work at maximum performance.
  • An adhesive that leaves NO RESIDUE when removed after printing.

Here are the tapes for which we have specific information:


This type of tape has a fabric structure with adhesive on both sides. It has a thickness of 300 microns and it is designed for mounting rubber plates.


PVC adhesive tapes are rigid tapes of various thickness, the most common ones being of 100-200 microns and they are used to mount thick photopolymer plates.

Mainly used for line work and backgrounds, although there are also printers that use them for raster work, resulting in poor quality prints due to excessive dot gain because of its hardness, mainly focused on the corrugated cardboard sector. 


Foam or padded adhesive tapes are tailored to the particular requirements of any print, with a density or hardness sufficient for proper painting on solid areas to a density soft enough for four-color printing, they ensure a clean print and prevent build-up uncontrolled dot gain.

In addition, there is an intermediate density that allows the joint printing of screens and small solids on the same plate. This all makes it possible to increase print quality, even at high print speeds.


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Hard density adhesive tapes are used for works without screens, they are suitable for printing backgrounds or masses and very thick texts where the maximum contribution of ink is needed. The works result in a covering and uniform printing.

On the other hand, it cannot be used for screen printing due to its hardness because it causes crushing and deformation of the screen dots as well as a considerable increase in dot gain, with the consequent loss of print quality.


Medium-hard adhesive foam tapes are used for works without screens, they are suitable for printing backgrounds or masses and semi-thick texts where ink contribution is needed, resulting in a clean and natural impression.

Suitable for soft polymers in four-color process printing.

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Medium or semi density adhesive tapes are recommended for when half-tone images are combined with small backgrounds and texts (50% and 50%) on the same plate.

Suitable for soft and hard polymers in four-color process printing or on plates with 50% backgrounds and 50% screens.

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Medium-soft adhesive tapes are used for background and pattern work as well as blocks. They are suitable for large cylinders that are difficult to handle and for four-color printing.

Suitable for soft and hard polymers in four-color printing or on plates with a 25% background and 75% screens.

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Low density or soft adhesive foam tapes are specially designed for high quality work on very fine screens, highlights and gradients.

Its main function is to absorb pressure and not crush the fine points on the plate, thus achieving an improvement in the highlights and reducing dot gain.

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Knowing how to choose the correct density for each of the colors is one of the key factors together with the type and thickness of the plat, to get a high-quality print.

It is very clear for us all that no one knows more about printing than you do, but at Technologic Tapes we are always ready to help you if you consider it deem. This is why we have a technical team specialized in flexo printing.

If you were to give us a chance, we would love to accompany you in the great world of flexography.


Now you know what we offer, but maybe you are thinking: “I can find this in any other company”. Yeah, we won’t deny it.

But, did you know we can assist you 365 days a year in case you’d need it?

Did you know you can count on us to offer you the exact number of material you need to do your job? No hassle, no additional cost.

Did you know that we can recommend you the best product you should use and we will know how to detect any problem that does not come from the adhesive tape?

Did you know that we will be there with the TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS you need thanks to our professional team with more than 35 years of experience?

It is true. Many suppliers can give you a good quality tape, but there is something you have to decide right now. Are you going to go out on a limb or will you work with us?

If you are a printer, manager or factory manager and in your company any double-sided tape is used in the pre-assembly process, contact us. Let’s meet each other and see if we’re a good fit!

We will be able to solve your printing problem.

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