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Send me the materials, even if it is Sunday

Do you work with a flexo press to give the best service to your own customers?

Have you encountered any quality problems with the material or with your current supplier?

Do you have supply problems?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the three questions, then pay close attention to what we are about to tell you, because we’re getting serious.

One thing is vitally important for a flexo company: you can’t run out of material and you can’t gamble with the quality of your product.

As a specialist, you already know this.

Therefore, at Technologic Tapes we have a rule: we work 365 days a year IF our customers needs it.

It is true that there have been few calls on a Sunday due to lack of material, but the few that have been, we can safely say that we have been there. And that is one of our differences.

We can prove it. Our customers can vouch for us.


Print quality and the flexographic industry have been going hand in hand for years. To this day, foam adhesive tapes for cliché mounting have helped printers immensely.

However, this quality is only acquired by those who have a clear understanding of the benefits that foam adhesive tapes can bring, which is why their introduction as a standard for plate mounting has taken years to establish.

Once established, it was one of the most influential factors in reducing point growth.


We don’t know if your company is small or large, but what we do know is that as a printer, manager or factory manager, you sometimes find that the equipment you have purchased does not work properly or your suppliers have service problems.

This is not an easy job but an stressful one. You want the whole process to work smoothly. We get that. Because for everything to work, everything has to be under control.

We’d love to help you solve these potential problems in an effective and quick manner.

How? For starters, let’s tell you more about the materials we work with the most. So that you can revisit it if you need us in the future:


Technologic Tapes offers you one of the best products on the market.

Our material is intended for printers who are looking to:

  • Achieve high QUALITY printing and results in a high value product.
  • Print at high SPEED without losing print quality.
  • An excellent AMORTIGUATION foam, allowing all the elements of the printer to work at maximum performance.
  • An adhesive that leaves NO RESIDUE when removed after printing.

We present the tapes we have:


This type of tape has a fabric structure with adhesive on both sides and its thickness of 300 microns is quite irregular. It is designed for the assembly of rubber sheets.


PVC adhesive tapes are rigid tapes of various thicknesses, the most common being 100-200 microns, and are used for mounting thick photopolymer sheets.

They are mainly used for line work and backgrounds, although there are also printers who use it for raster work resulting in low print quality due to excessive dot gain due to its hardness, mainly focused on the corrugated sector.


Foam or cushioned adhesive tapes are adapted to the particular requirements of any printing, with a density or hardness sufficient for a correct printing on solid areas up to a density soft enough for four-color printing which ensures clean printing and prevents uncontrolled increase of the point gain.

In addition, there is an intermediate density that allows the printing of screens and small solids together on the same plate. All this makes possible an increase in print quality, even at high print speeds.


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The hard density adhesive tapes are used for jobs without screens, they are suitable for printing backgrounds or very thick masses and texts where maximum ink supply is needed, resulting in a covering and uniform print.

On the other hand, it cannot be used for screen printing, since due to its hardness, it causes a crushing and deformation of the screen dots and a considerable increase in dot gain with a consequent loss in printing quality.


Semi-hard density adhesive tapes are used for jobs without screens, they are suitable for printing backgrounds or semi-thick masses and texts where ink supply is needed, resulting in a clean and natural print.

Suitable for soft polymers in four-color process.

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Medium density or semi-density adhesive tapes are recommended for when the same plate combines halftone images with small backgrounds and text (50% and 50%).

Suitable for soft and hard polymers in four-color or stencil with 50% backgrounds and 50% screens.

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Semi-hard adhesive tapes are used for light weft and background work as well as blocks. They are suitable for large cylinders that are difficult to handle and for four-color printing.

Suitable for soft and hard polymers in four-color or stencil with 25% backgrounds and 75% screens.

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Low density or soft adhesive tapes are specially designed for high quality work in very fine screens, highlights and gradients.

Its main function is to absorb the pressure and not to crush the fine points of the plate, thus achieving an improvement in the highlights and reducing dot gain.

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Knowing and knowing how to choose the correct density for each color is one of the key factors, along with the type and thickness of the plate, to achieve high quality printing.

We are very clear that nobody knows more about printing than you, but at Technologic Tapes, we are always ready to help you in case you consider it necessary, and for that we have a technical team specialized in the Flexography sector.

If possible or if you give us the opportunity, we would love to join you in this great world of Flexography.


Now you know what we offer, but you may be thinking, “I can find this in any other company. Yes, we will not deny it.

But, did you know that we can assist you 365 days a year in case you need it?

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Did you know that you can count on us to provide you with the exact amount of material you need for your job? No catch, no additional cost.

Did you know that we can recommend which product to use and we will be able to detect any other problem that does not come from the adhesive tape?

Did you know that we will be PRESENT with the TECHNICAL solutions you need thanks to our qualified professional with more than 35 years of experience?

It’s true: many suppliers can give you a good quality tape, but there is something you have to decide right now: Are you going to play with others or do you want to be sure with us?

If you are a printer, factory manager or director and your company uses double-sided foam tape in pre-assembly, do not hesitate to contact us so that, at least, we know each other and you have our contact in case at some point you think it is convenient for us to collaborate.

We will be able to solve your printing problem.



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