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Committed to sustainability

Aware of the impact on the environment of our industrial activity and the materials we use to carry it out, at Technologic Tapes we are committed to its sustainable and responsible development, not as a decision we have taken but as a crucial part of our company’s operation.

This is why we set targets every year to reduce our environmental footprint and impact. These targets, set out in our Sustainability Policy, are reviewed annually to adapt and improve our actions. They also include our three basic principles of action:

  • To prosper economically by creating value for our employees and with the greatest possible protection of the environment.
  • Committing to development based on energy efficiency.
  • Raise awareness of sustainable development (GHP) among our employees and suppliers.

Our production centre is ISO 14004:2015 environmentally certified and ISO 9001:2015 quality certified.


Technologic Tapes’ sustainability policy is aimed at progressively reducing waste generated during production processes, as well as energy and office material savings. As a result, in 2020 Technologic Tapes set 3 main objectives for 2021:

Paper reduction objective

In 2021, Technologic Tapes implemented the process of digitising internal documents, achieving an 80% reduction in paper consumption. To do this, each department had to carry out an analysis of the real use and need in their section in order to establish more efficient uses both in the company and in other environments.

Once the information had been collected, those points where strategic improvement could be made were identified and the following actions were established:

  • Eliminate unnecessary and excessive paper consumption.
  • Eliminate the use of 100% virgin fibre paper and derivatives.
  • Reducing the sending and receiving of spam.
  • Reduce printing, printing and photocopying of documents according to their actual demand.

Cuando no hay más opciones que el uso de papel, Technologic Tapes se compromete a la compra de papel amigo del Medio Ambiente con certificado FSC.

Evolution of paper consumption.

evolucion consumo papel

Energy efficiency and CO2 emissions

Sustainable measures are incorporated in our facilities to optimise energy consumption.

The actions established were:

  • Replace existing lighting with more efficient lighting, using sensors.
  • Change the luminaire to LED technology – reducing light energy by 20%.
  • Optimisation of the use of lights, IT equipment and air conditioning.
    • In summer: minimum 24º and maximum 26º.
    • In winter: minimum 19º and maximum 21º.

Target reduction office supplies

Office supplies are often overlooked when it comes to optimising resources, but at the same time they generate significant amounts of waste every year. That is why at Technologic Tapes we have opted for:

  • Digital transformation: elimination of the purchase and waste management of toners and printers.
  • Promotion of the use of note-taking devices.
  • Reasonable management of the purchase of office supplies, prioritising products from renewable sources.

Development of toner and drum consumption

evolucion toneles tambores

At Technologic Tapes we firmly believe that only with a common commitment we can tackle climate change, reducing and eliminating those actions that generate the greatest environmental impact.