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The great adventure of leading Technologic Tapes in the market: our mission and promise to you

At Technologic Tapes we have created a decalogue.

It contains the principles on which we operate, the principles of what we have decided to call: the friendly industry.

With this principles in mind, which are in turn our promises to you, we have been working for more than 20 years. The promise that we will always offer our products and services in a new way, based on principles, of course always adapted to you, our customer (current or future).

We would like you to know more about it. But first…


Technologic Tapes is a company dedicated to converting and personalizing a wide range of technical adhesive tapes. We transform them to meet the specific needs of very different markets. We consider ourselves rigorous and innovative and pride ourselves on working closely with our customers.

Diversity is part of our DNA, that is why we have the guarantee of the most important national and international manufacturers, and that of our application engineers, specialized in the sector for each reference and need. Now that you know what we do, it’s time to learn about our promise to you.


1. We listen to every need our customers have.

At Technologic Tapes we like to say that we are “adhesive tapes tailors”. To be good, no… great tailors, we need to efficiently communicate with our customers so that they can tell us what Converting or Application needs they have.

We don’t want to offer any of our services that “more or less” go well with what you need, we want to know what your exact adhesion needs are so we can offer you the perfect solution. How do we do that? By talking with you. When we establish that relationship, that’s when we get to work on your custom tape.

2. We respond to our customers in any situation.

Need adhesive tape on a Sunday? We’ll be there. Your supplier runned out of your stock? We’ll find a solution. We respond at all times, whatever the situation you are in. There are highly complex projects, during which we try to provide maximum technical support and put all our machinery in motion to solve the most complex applications.

3. We seek excellence for our environment

As a company, Technologic Tapes is always trying to improve our training and facilities. We are obsessed with leading with excellence in all areas. At production level or with resources, people, software…

To us, excellence means improving day by day. That is why we apply working methods within our production processes and the general company operations, which can also help you improve yours.

Ever heard about Lean Manufacturing? Kaizen? The SMED system?

All of them are in use at Technologic Tapes. This is to give you a better value in the products we offer you, so that you can find not only instant solutions, but also long-term ones.

4. We rather not have a commercial relationship if we do not believe in the solution we are providing.

We do not sell at any price. If we can’t prove that we add value to your business, we don’t want to offer a solution.

5. We are loyal and honor our commitments

Thanks to our application engineers and our high commitment to each project, we make sure to give you the best solution for every need. Technologic Tapes always responds to any inconvenience.

It is much easier to get it right when you have previously worked on delivering value, than when you sell big.

6. We always look for the win-win situation

We go hand in hand with you during your project to solve whatever is needed. Neither above nor below. Sticked to you.

We look for ways to give you value in every solution. We get you involved in the whole process. If you have a question, if you have a need, we are here for you. Sometimes we may not have what you need straight away, but we will always look for a solution that adds value.

7. Build stronger relationships

Technologic Tapes works with local companies so that you get everything you need in a timely manner. We look for the most optimal solution for you. How? Although other elements are necessary to finalize the optimal product, we work together with countless collaborators to give you the safest solution.

We find it for you.

8. Commitment in our relationships

Much more than what you would expect from a supplier. No, really.

Got an emergency? Our team is here to troubleshoot. Most of our business relationships are long-term. Proud to have customers who have trusted Technologic Tapes products and services for more than a decade.

Do you have an emergency on a Sunday?

Do you need a specific technical adhesive tape?

Do you run the risk of stopping a production line because of a missing adhesive tape?

Technologic Tapes can help you, because it is important to you. We’ll get the machine up and running so we can solve the problem for you.

9. Long-term value

The old saying “feast today, famine tomorrow” is not something we’re cool with. We believe in long-term value and therefore we can offer you better conditions or different, stronger commitments than other companies.

We like long-term relationships.

10. We add value to the projects of our customers and suppliers.

Suppliers are our partners too. That’s why we also take care of them.

To us, a supplier is just as important as a customer. At Technologic Tapes we understand that our customers and suppliers also have their own customers.

Without trust there’s no relationship. This is why we have blind faith in them.



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