Surely you recognize this situation: You are at the beginning of the production of a new product or you are about to finish manufacturing it. In any case, you are responsible for everything going well.

Then it happens (not again, please!): a technical problem that requires a specific and tailor-made adhesive tape, but you cannot solve it due to lack of supply or because the supplier you have cannot offer it to you at that time. You need a company that is committed to you, a reliable supplier that solves those problems.

So what do you do? The nervousness begins, because it is possible that if this is not fixed soon you will have to stop selling your manufactured, distributed or production line product.

Do you recognize yourself in this context?

If so, you need a change. You need an adhesive tape to meet the needs of your market or an adhesive solution for your packaging or manufacturing processes. A unique solution made exclusively for you.

Keep reading to discover what products are in tune with the way you work. Find the adhesive tapes you need and get your delivery date guaranteed.

If you’re still here…

A tailor-made suit for you

At Technologic Tapes we offer the product with the quality and fair price required to give you the solution you need. Technical engineers and personnel specialized in adhesive tapes will provide all necessary support for you to be safe when offering adhesive tapes to your own clients.

Our clients belong to the Industrial, Automotive, Construction, FCMG, Graphic Arts, Renewable Energy to mention a few. Therefore, regardless of the sector you are in our team will work together with you to find the best solution for your manufacturing or assembly processes. The aim is to improve your current solution at a lower cost.

Technologic Tapes offers solutions in adhesive tape conversion, customized, in:

  • Adhesive tape slitting
  • Rewinding of adhesive tapes
  • Lamination of adhesives
  • Spools
  • Die-cutting (flat bed, rotary and laser)
  • Personalized packaging tailored to each client.

Adhesive tape slitting

On many occasions you need a specific measure for an application. The good news is that with our machinery and our specialized personnel we can provide the exact measure that you need. We can cut any tape you need; double-sided foam tapes, aluminium, double-sided tissue tapes, fabric tapes… you name it!

Why should you settle for the market standards? We can offer you the conversion and width you need for any adhesive tape.


Rewinding of adhesive tapes and manufacturing of long-length rolls (spools)

Every time you change the roll, it takes extra time (wasted time!), we know. For this reason, at Technologic Tapes we make long-length adhesive tape rolls so that you have to change them as few times as possible.

The outcome? We improve your SMED process.


Tell us, what length do you need? We can give it to you. In addition, we can adapt to you and make the roll to any axis.

This service is intended for you to obtain the length you desire for your adhesive tape. Either because you require a specific length to improve your costs and processes or because it is a length not offered in the market.

Lamination of adhesives


Sometimes the standard solution is not what you are looking for. Since we know this, at Technologic Tapes we make complex adhesives tailored to your needs to adapt to what you are looking for exactly, no more, no less.

Alternatives should not be a problem, because we have them.

We have already used this customization in various specific applications, such as soundproofing a room, making self-adhesive precision die-cuts, to dissipate the heat or in the installation of floors.

Die-cutting precision adhesive tapes

If you have worked with adhesive die-cut pieces before, you already know they are a cost effective solution and that they improve efficiency. But that is useless if you don’t have someone to offer them to you at the time you need them and tailored to your needs.

To be able to offer this, at Technologic Tapes we make self-adhesive precision die-cuts. All with the latest technology and the essential knowledge needed to offer this product.



To improve your productivity it is important to make as few stops and changes as possible, we know that. Increasing the application speed and cleaning in the final finish are goals that we share with you.

Spools or long-length adhesive tapes are an excellent alternative since they allow us to, depending on the product and the width of the tape, produce rolls of several thousand meters.

But in addition to Spools, there are other alternatives to improve your production performance. Contact us and we will study the solution that best suits your needs.

At Technologic Tapes we know it is not a matter of adapting to our adhesive tapes, but rather that they adapt to you. That is why we offer you our custom adhesive tape conversion services.

We work with the necessary material and knowledge to transform adhesive tapes and other products without having to adapt to standard market measures.

If you are a purchasing manager, a project engineer or an R&D manager, you are probably looking for a product like this that meets your expectations. So if you do not want to chose from a standard measure, do not hesitate to contact us.

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