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Picture this situation: You’re starting production of a new product or about to finish manufacturing it. In any case, you’re the one responsible for the whole process to run smoothly. Then it happens (not again, please): a technical problem that requires an adhesive tape cut to a specific size occurs.Alas! There is no way you can get it either because lack of stock or because your current supplier cannot offer it at that moment. But you need it. You need a partner commited to you. A supplier that can offer you the best of both worlds: greater operational efficiency AND the anticipation of your needs. What do you do then? You get nervous, obviously. There’s a chance that if you do not fix it soon you will have to stop selling your manufactured product, distribution or production line. Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? If that’s the case, you need a change. You need an adhesive tape to meet your market needs or for your assembly and manufacturing processes. A tailor-made adhesive piece converted just for you. Keep reading and you’ll find what products match your working approach. Adhesive tapes and die-cutting pieces that will do just what you need. Work. From simple to complex.

Our tailor-made adhesive tape for you.

Technologic Tapes offers the product that matches your solution observing your quality and price needs. Application engineers and advisors specialized in adhesive tapes will work on your project for you to feel safe about the solution you’re providing your own customers with. 8+ industries choose to work with Technologic Tapes to meet their adhesive tape needs: Automotive, Construction, FMCG, Graphic Arts, Renewable Energies, Industrial Partners, Building and more. Hence, whatever industry you work in, Technologic Tapes will help you find the safest solution for your manufacturing or assembly processes. The goal is clear: to improve your current solution to a better cost. Technologic Tapes offerstailor-made adhesive tape converting solutions such as:
  • Adhesive tape slitting
  • Rewinding of adhesive tapes
  • Laminating of multiple materials and adhesive products.
  • Spooling.
  • Die Cutting
  • Personalized packaging tailor-made to the customer needs

Adhesive tape slitting

You might need a certain size for your application. Good news is that with our machines and team we can create it for you. Double sided foam tape, aluminium adhesive tape, double-sided tissue tapes, duct tape or cloth tape… you name it! Technologic Tapes can cut it to any size and form you need. Technologic Tapes converts the length and width of any adhesive tape. Why should you stick to market standards when you can have it all?

Rewinding of adhesive tapes and spools manufacturing.

Every time you have to change the tape, that’s time lost from actual production. That’s why Technologic Tapes creates spools, so that you have to change them as little as possible. The results? You improve your SMED process. So, what length do you need? We got it. Technologic Tapes can convert any tape to any shaft. Adapted to you. Goodbye, standard sizes. Get the length you really need for your adhesive tape. Whether you need a specific length to improve your costs or your processes. You no longer need to conform with market standards.

Adhesive tapes laminating

Because sometimes, the standard solution is not the one you’re looking for. We understand that. This is why Technologic Tapes creates complex adhesive tape solutions tailored to your needs. Adapted to what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. Alternatives shouldn’t be a problem, because we got them. From soundproofing a room, to die cut self-adhesive pieces, to dissipate heat or during floor installation, we have used this service in very concrete applications.

Die Cutting self-adhesive pieces

If you have worked with die cutting self-adhesive tape before, you already know that it saves costs and improves efficiency. But that’s worth nothing if you do not have a partner than can provide them at the moment and size you need. Technologic Tapes offers die cutting self-adhesive tapes. Made with the latest technology and necessary knowledge to offer this product.


To improve your productivity it is important to make as few stops and changes as possible. Increasing your application speed and cleanliness are both goals we share with you. Spools are a great solution. They let us produce, depending on the product and width of the tape, rolls of several miles of meters. Did you know that besides Spools there are other solutions that can help you improve your output? Get in touch with us to find the solution that best meets your needs. We know you do not have to adapt to our adhesive tapes, they have to adapt to you. This is why we convert adhesive tapes. Working with the proper materials and necessary knowledge to transfrom adhesive tapes and other adhesive solutions without having to settle for market standards. If you are a purchasing manager, a project engineer or an R&D manager looking for a product that meets your expectations, but you do not want to stick to a certain market size, reach out!


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