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Why Technologic Tapes

20 years is an understatement, but it’s true. 20 years are the years that Technologic Tapes has been up and running, offering our products and services to the best of our knowledge to our customers.

20 years offering The friendly industry.

But those 20 years are not sustained without a why. Why is that?

The client.

He is the cornerstone of our work and his satisfaction is our most precious asset.

We focus on cultivating long-term relationships with each of them, from the smallest to the largest customer, offering fully customized solutions according to their specific needs.

Want to know what Technologic Tapes has to offer? We show it to you in 4 keys:

Key No. 1 = TEAM.

Our great team is prepared to provide first class technical advice tailored to each client, with an agile, professional and efficient service.

Key nº2 = WARRANTY

Our complete range of products is guaranteed by the most important national and international manufacturers to meet the most demanding quality standards in the market.

Key nº3= PRODUCT

We cover all sectors, from simple applications for domestic use to advanced solutions for industry with extreme temperature resistance.


And if you don’t find the product you are looking for, just let us know. At Technologic Tapes we can transform any Adhesive Tape to totally adapt to what you want and need.


If you are reading this article, it is probably because you are interested in acquiring a product or service related to ADHESIVE TAPES for a specific project for the Industry, Automotive, Construction or Flexography sector.

Perhaps you have not yet decided which product to choose for your application, what is the best quality or the right cost to purchase this type of product or service.

If you allow us, we will try to help you choose by explaining what we have been offering for 20 years:

At Technologic Tapes we have three main lines of specialization:

  1. Adhesive tape conversion tailored to your needs
  2. Customization of adhesive tapes.
  3. A special mention for converting and cutting to size for Adhesive Tapes for the Graphic Arts world, especially Flexography.

Thus, we offer these products accompanied by the advice of application engineers with more than 35 years of experience to help you find the best solution.

A) Customized adhesive tape conversion for your needs

Choosing the right tape for your specific project may sound easy, but it’s not.

Precisely because when you start looking, you find endless possibilities.

You may be a purchasing manager, project engineer or R&D manager.

At Technologic Tapes we understand that you are looking for a specific product that meets your specific expectations, without being forced to choose a ready-made format.

You need a custom adhesive tape for your specific project.

So let us tell you that we have customers from very diverse sectors, such as the industrial sector, automotive, construction, consumer goods, renewable energies or the furniture industry…

That’s why we advise you, with no catch, no fuss. Because we know that each sector needs its specific adhesive tape, its specific product and service, and because we want what best suits you.

Once you decide, we have the necessary machinery to offer you a totally customized adhesive tape:

  • Adhesive Tape Cutting
  • Rewinding of Adhesive Tapes
  • Hot and cold lamination of adhesive tapes.
  • Technical Die Cutting of High Precision Adhesive Tapes
  • Spools for automatic applications.
  • Any type of Packaging (Carton, Blister, Sleeve, Shrink, etc.)

And remember, don’t be afraid to ask us for advice. That is precisely what we want you to do, so that we know what you need and can offer it to you.

B) Customization of adhesive tapes

As a product manager, purchasing manager or marketing manager in your company, you might need a different individual packaging, your brand to appear in a personalized way on the adhesive tapes you purchase .

We do it for you and without large investments.

We add your logo, typography and corporate colors in your adhesive tapes, as well as in customized packaging, Blisters, Cases, Fajitas, Sleeve, Shrink, etc. so that you can expand your product catalog and do not stay in the basics.

These are some of the services at your disposal:

  • Labeling of a roll of adhesive tape with your brand and its barcode.
  • Shrink wrapping of your adhesive tapes (conventional shrink or sleeve).
  • Blistering of your tapes with high frequency blister or bubble cardboard.
  • Specialized packaging (cases, envelopes…).

What if you need minimum quantities? We can also look for the most appropriate way to make this not a problem.

C) Transformation of adhesive tapes for the great world of Graphic Arts.

The graphic arts industry is a whole world, and at Technologic Tapes we know that perfection in printing quality is a MUST .

That’s why our range of double-sided foam cliché tapes will help you achieve just that: perfect printing, even at the highest speeds.

As a printer in the production department or purchasing department, you may need an adhesive foam, for cliché attachment, or other adhesive tape for the Graphic Arts sector.

Of course, we are very clear that no one knows more about printing than you, in Technologic Tapes, we are always ready to help you in case you consider it necessary, we have a technical team specialized in the Flexography sector.

If possible or if you give us the opportunity, we would love to accompany you in this great world of Flexography, with our team, our products and excellent service.

Why do we say it is excellent? Because we offer you one of the best products on the market manufactured by our partner Scapa and registered under the EXAFIT brand.

Our products are aimed at printers who are looking for:

  • Exceptional foam calibration and regularity ensures optimum tolerance for a high QUALITY print and results in a high value product.
  • Print at high SPEED without losing print quality.
  • An excellent AMORTIGUATION foam that allows all the elements of the printer to work at maximum performance.
  • An adhesive that leaves NO RESIDUE when removed after printing.

If you are interested in more information about High Quality Flexography, we recommend our book “High Quality Flexography“, written by Jesús Anguita.

At Technologic Tapes we are a leading company in the transformation of adhesive tapes for all types of industrial applications and solutions for the graphic arts sector, but of course, we would not be, WE WOULD NOT EXIST, without the customer.

Over the years, we have been growing and changing, to continuously improve for them, for you, but also for the world.

If you think it is time to expand the range of your adhesive products, you need to improve costs in any of your projects, you have service problems with your current supplier or you think we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us.



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