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World Sticky Tape Day

January 31 was the big day for duct tape.

It happened in 1925.
A restless engineer.

Richard Gurley Drew had the mentality of a child and was able to observe the problem that existed in the environment to create this great product.

Like the creator of the telephone, the light bulb or the Satisfyer.

The young man watched as the car painters struggled with papers and adhesives.
The fashion was to paint the car in two colors.
Something that was difficult to do.

He devised an adhesive tape that, stuck along the length of the car, allowed the two areas to be painted separately without fear of coming off.
What today we call masking or masking tape.
Unlike the current one, the tape had adhesive only on the edges so that it could be easily removed later.

Today, for the past few years,

the two-color trend is back in fashion.

It has been a great challenge for the automotive industry.
Obsessed with cost reduction.
At Technologic Tapes, we have several products exclusively for this application.

At that time,

there was no such thing as removable adhesives.

Neither the double-sided differentiated ribbons.

Nor the Choco Krispies.

Neither the pilot dog.

Car painters said that the tapes came with too little “glue” and that the manufacturers were stingy.

He agreed that the latter were Scottish.
At that time they were considered stingy.

Thus, according to legend, they decided to coin the term Scotch (a pejorative term for cheapskate) as a term for this type of adhesive tape.

Scotch became a brand.
Richard Drew, I create more adhesive tapes.
For different applications.

He also lent his name to our laboratory, Drew Lab.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

It is a tribute to innovation and problem solving.
Two pillars that support everything we do here.

In our Drew Lab.

We are specialized in solving adhesive problems of all types.

Do you need a tape that can withstand extreme temperatures?
Or perhaps one that leaves no residue?

Or duct tape to cover someone’s mouth?

In our Drew Lab, we have consulted on projects ranging from simple vertical hanger attachment to complex high-temperature industrial solutions.

Drew Lab is not just a name.
It is a symbol of our dedication to innovation, quality and adhesive application solutions.

If you want to visit our Drew lab,

Click here.

Happy duct tape day! Late…



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